Mar 14, 2018 01 35 PM PDT
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Collector Live Streaming Test

Streaming and Sound Sync test

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Collector Live Streaming Test

This is a test of your location bandwidth.

NOTE: Ensure that during this test and also during the event, that no one in your office is downloading large files or watching videos using your bandwidth. This will reduce your available bandwidth to watch.

In order to successfully see the event without pausing, skipping or stuttering, you will need to watch the following at your office prior to the event. After reviewing the stream, please confirm and answer the below questions via the link below:

1. Were you able to see the stream full screen without pixelation (big blocks on the video where movement is that clear up or stay?)
3. Was there any skipping or issues viewing the video other than pixelation?
2. Was the sound synced (the words matching lip movement.)

Anyone with issues we will contact directly to help set you up.
More about the event:
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